7 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

We use roads almost every day of our lives but there are some roads which will stay with you potentially in your nightmares if you drive on them even once so check out our list of the most dangerous roads in the world

#7 Ashima Ohashi Bridge - Japan
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Ashima Ohashi Bridge - Japan

Its located in Japan, Ashima Ohashi Bridge connects the cities of Matsui and Sakai Minato. We can only hope that the residents of these two cities get their brakes checked regularly since the bridge has a grating of 6.1 percent on one side and 5.1 percent on the other. The reason for the steep curve is the fishing boats which must pass underneath at a hundred forty four feet tall. The actual inclined isn't as steep as it comes off in the photos, in fact, seen from its side angles that can actually look like a normal bridge. I guess that's why drivers are willing to give it a go day in and day out.

#6 Karakoram Highway - Pakistan
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Karakoram Highway - Pakistan

Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan and China by passing through the Karakoram Mountain range. This 'bad boy' is not only one of the highest-paid roads in the world, although in the Pakistan cited, actually remains unpaved this 745 mile journey is an adventure in its own right. Built in the 60's and 70's. Yeah it took a couple of decades the past goes up to fifteen thousand four hundred feet and was even dangerous while was being constructed. Over 800 workers from Pakistan and over 80 from China lost their lives during its construction. Now the most serious dangers are landslides and floods of course. Avalanches and heavy snow are unheard of either, but with incredible views including brilliant views of the renowned K2 Mountain towards. Continue to battle altitude sickness to make the treacherous trip each year.

#5 Yungas Road - Bolivia
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Yungas Road - Bolivia

Commonly called 'the road of death', it's difficult to imagine why anyone would ever travel on Bolivia's youngest road. At only 35 miles long the road connects La Paz and Coroico yet despite its short length it was given its rightful nickname. After the inter-american Development Bank claimed it was the world's most dangerous road. Back in 1995, the name doesn't seem far from the truth with between 200 and 300 travelers on the road being killed in a given year. According to a 2006, estimate within over 15,000 foot descent or a sense, depending on the route. The road is used by locals and cars and trucks and often considered a bucket list trip for cyclist from overseas.

#4 The Jallalabad Kabul Highway - Afghanistan
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: The Jallalabad Kabul Highway - Afghanistan

A part of a major highway system, the grand trunk road, this stretch of highway may have the highest claim on lives of them all, yet the exact number of death is unknown since most people stop counting a long time ago. As reported by The Times Dexter Filkins at 95 miles in length, it's not the 1900 foot high cliffs that caused deaths but the reckless driving that causes cars to spin off them. Of course road conditions do not help the situation. Although paid when originally built in 1996, the road is now best
described as gravel. To put the danger of the road into perspective, the words of a fabric shop owner near the highway ring loud and clear, "the fighting with the Taliban last only for a day or two but the crashes are everyday".

#3 The Sichuan Tibet Highway - China
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: The Sichuan Tibet Highway - China

China's Sichuan Tibet Highway includes the 16,568 foot high pass and a narrow one at that as well as incredible views in the chance to see Tibetan villages nestled into the mountains. It's the latter that keeps tourists traveling the road despite its relative danger. At 1330 miles in length, the stretch of highway usually takes at least 15 days to navigate safely. While open back in 1954, the number of deaths on this road have increased sharply in recent years. For instance, death in 1985 were 3.9 per hundred thousand and had already reached 7.6 per four hundred thousand in 2005 the sharp increase is likely due to the increase in cars.

#2 Leh Manali Highway - India
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Leh Manali Highway - India

Only open during the summer months, the Leh Manali Highway spans 2,097 miles of the Himalayan Mountains in India. With sparse access to resources and extremely volatile whether it is recommended to bring plenty of extra fuel and prepare for the worst on this road. With mountain passes averaging over 17,000 feet, the road is actually well maintained since it holds a strategic place between China and Pakistan. This means that the Indian Army's Border Roads Organisation is in charge of the roads upkeep. They make sure the snow is cleared during the summer months. For instance, despite their support, the road is known for its serious traffic jams, difficult terrain, and of course plenty of landslides. Drivers on the road never marked that, seeing the results of crashes a few hundred meters down the clip below them is a stark reminder to drive at a crawl averaging 9 to 12 miles per hour in some spots.

#1 James Dalton Highway - Alaska USA
Most Dangerous Roads in the World
Most Dangerous Roads in the World: James Dalton Highway - Alaska USA

Built in 1974, Alaska's James Dalton Highways, 414 miles of gravel in some of the most difficult conditions in the world. To begin with the road only has three villages and therefore three places to fuel up along this route meaning that a jaunt on this road will include just you, your hopefully working car, and the harsh wilderness of Alaska. With a high point of 4,739 feet, the road is also known for its ability to kick up huge amounts of gravel mud and worst of all, dust which reduced visibility to hazardous levels. As the road is a supply route for the trans-alaskan pipeline system, drivers are warned to stay out of the way of the massive oil trucks that pass along it. Still, tourists who crave adventure have called this highway the ultimate road trip.

Top 7 Most Badass Elite Private Armies

The vast array of specialized task forces, weaponry and technological advancements have long made the varied armed forces of the world an intimidating and marvelous subject. However, with a huge amount of cutbacks - including budgetary and personnel cuts - private security and task firms have become something of a booming underdog force. These groups of privatized mercenaries range from the deadly to straight up ballsy - but they all share the same quality: they're flat out intimidating. Let's take a look at seven of the most badass and dangerous private armies in the world - you won't believe the places some of these 'mercs will go.

Elite Private Armies #7: Unity Resources Group
Unity Resources Group
Unity Resources Group Army

The Australian owned Unity Resources Group has steadily grown its Iraqi presence as sovereign armies continue to withdraw - with a staff of over 1,200 worldwide. Comprised of Australian, American and British war veterans, its management is overseen by seasoned professionals. Best known for its successful guarding of the Australian embassy in Baghdad, Unity staff have also been the subject of two controversial car shootings in Iraq - one that resulted in the death of an Australian professor and another that left two civilian women dead. Operating throughout the Americas, Europe, Central Asia and Africa - their security assistance is formidable and altogether intimidating.

Elite Private Armies #6: Defion Internacional
Defion Internacional Army
Defion Internacional Army

By sourcing and training their privatized military personnel from Latin America, Defion Internacional has also recruited a bevy of fighters (something to the tune of thousands and thousands) from developing countries all over the world. With a headquarters station in Peru and offices located in Iraq, Dubai, Sri Lanka and the Philippines - their sometimes horrifically underpaid agents are contracted drivers, static guards, bodyguards and logistic specialists. Drawing controversy over the financial treatment of its members, it's been estimated that up to 1,000 Latin Americans were employed as guns-for-hire in the Middle East. Although official numbers have not been disclosed, it's safe to say - they're up there.

Elite Private Armies #5: Triple Canopy
Triple Canopy Army
Triple Canopy Army

As one of eight contractors brought in to replace the withdrawn US forces in Iraq, this approximate 1,800 deep private army is primarily made up of Ugandan and Peruvian soldiers - oftentimes on contracts upward of $1.5 BILLION dollars. Triple Canopy is summarized as a "well-trained, professional work force with significant prior experience", their private military has employed another 3,000 soldiers in many places around the world - including contracts initiated in Haiti to guard the US Embassy and to Israel, to provide personal protection services for the US State Department. Triple Canopy have often recruited from the ranks of the previously mentioned Defion Internacional.

Elite Private Armies #4: DynCorp
DynCorp Army
DynCorp Army

The Virginia-based DynCorp is also one of the eight contractors brought in to replace the withdrawn US forces in Iraq - however, their intimidating presence can be found worldwide in the likes of Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America - amassing over $3.4 billion dollars in revenue each and every year. With an enormous staff that has been reported to be in excess of over 10,000 mercenaries, the firm has controversially racked up a bad reputation as being a "trigger happy" institution - further exacerbated by their treatment of rebel groups in Colombia in the early 2000s. Aside from their main specialties, DynCorp have also been sent to disarm fighters in Liberia, southern Sudan and Somalia.

Elite Private Armies #3: Erinys International
Erinys International Army
Erinys International Army

As another one of the contractors to follow the US State Department's contracts in Iraq, this massive institution recently brought over 16,000 of its membered guards to 282 different locations all around the dangerous landscape - becoming a threatening force that protected energy assets and key oil pipelines scattered about. Apart from their looming presence in Iraq, the group holds a steady rule in Africa where they have focused the majority of their traditional operations in. Their impressively effective initiatives have n the Republic of Congo - for security at major iron ore and other gas, oil and energy-based projects.

Elite Private Armies #2: G4S
G4S Army
G4S Army

Boasting a roster of over 625,000 employees - this staggeringly large security firm giant is the second largest private employer in the entire world - coming in just behind the merchandising monster Walmart. Although a fair share of G4S' business has its roots in security (mainly, routine reinforcement to banks, prisons and airports) - they play an integral role to crisis-zones around the world. After absorbing Armorgroup (another organization of 9000 guards providing protection to non-military supply convoys in Iraq) in 2008, G4S has spread its looming presence to over 125 countries - including some of the most terrifying areas of Latin America and Africa.

Elite Private Armies #1: Academi
Academi Army
Academi Army

As the owner and operator of one of THE most advanced training facilities in the world - Academi's 7,000 acre facility is one of the largest and singularly complex private military training grounds on the globe. Formerly named both Blackwater and Xe Services - slightly outdated numbers in 2007 purported they had produced an army comprised of 20,000 troops, 20 aircraft, trained war dogs and an entire fleet of armored vehicles - with most of it being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan under contract from the US Government. After scaling their Iraqi presence back after some controversial moments, Academi was also recruited to help protect the ravaged streets of New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina disaster and to protect Japan's missile defense systems - among others across the world.- with their fiery presence routinely being named as one of - if not THE - boldest private mercenary group of all time.

Top 7 Best Games for iPhone 7

So guys the iphone 7 has finally arrived and it's an absolute gaming monster with a quad-core processor core GPU plus 2 gigabytes of ram. Let's see what this thing can do, and here's Top 7 Best Games for iPhone 7.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #7: Submerged
Submerged Top Games for iPhone 7
Submerged on iphone 7

So the first game is Submerged. They've taken an entire PC game playable on two-thousand-dollar gaming rigs and scaled it down to an iphone. There are some sacrifices but this could just be the best looking game ever on a mobile. It is beautiful. It's got in the same draw distances beautiful water physics, the reflections, you can see the Sun setting in the background, it's like moving postcard. Submerged is an adventure game, it's all about finding secrets creatures landmarks and has a slower pace than a lot of these sort of action games that are released nowadays. But it's great fun.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #6: Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade III Top Games for iPhone 7
Infinity Blade III on iphone 7

Number two we've got Infinity Blade III. Not the most recent game but there's no better place to enjoy this then on the latest and greatest iphone. The game still has the same graphics but in very silky smooth 60 frames per second. So this is an RPG, it's a very deep RPG actually. There is so much going on here. It'll take you ages to complete the game and mechanics are top-notch. This is
the OG infinity blade basically created the dodgers genre, and it's since been
refined and perfected.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #5: Assassin's Creed - Identity
Assassin's Creed - Identity Top Games for iPhone 7
Assassin's Creed - Identity on iphone 7

So then we have a game that this list would not be complete without Assassin's Creed: Identity. Now over the last five years developers have been constantly trying to making an Assassin's Creed game work on mobile, and they kind of pulled it off here and there, but never has felt this close to the console versions. With the power of the iphone 7, you can actually explore full dynamic open worlds and it feels great.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #4: OZ Broken Kingdom
OZ Broken Kingdom Top Games for iPhone 7
OZ Broken Kingdom on iphone 7

Number five is always OZ Broken Kingdom. Yep, that means the wizard of OZ. The company's taken characters from the popular TV show, fuse them with final fantasy style, turn-based mechanics and shoved in a whole lot of eye candy. The game looks and feels beautiful. It runs smoothly and colors pop out the screen and the RPG elements are strong. There's a ton of spell things to unlock and secrets to solve, and the world map is just gigantic. Further into the game, the grind gets quite tricky, but you just can't get an iphone 7 and not try it. This is a true showcase of what it's capable of.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #3: Need For Speed
Need For Speed Top Games for iPhone 7

So then we have Need For Speed. I mean, we need some racing games on this list and this is as good as you can get. Needforspeed combines great car mechanics with a visual feast. With a career mode, that works really well, there's a nice rate of progression and constantly feels that you're working towards something.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #2: Sky Forces
Sky Forces Top Games for iPhone 7
Sky Force Reloaded on iphone 7

Release back in 2014, Sky Forces remained the kind of staple go to top down shooter on the iphone. It's beautiful. The water effects are just something else. The level of progression is great. You're constantly unlocking things for your ship as lasers, new armies, shields, and the so much variety when it comes to enemies as well as some pretty decent boss fights.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #1: Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 Top Games for iPhone
Real Racing 3 on iphone 7

Next up Real Racing 3. Now yes and all title but it's never looked better playing this game on the iphone 7. Just made me smile because it's just so slick. Everything looks clean, everything run
smooth, and those reflections on the cars don't even get me started. There's tons to unlock with the game. It's a little bit heavy on sort of encouraging you to buy stuff, let's say the guys those are my top games on the iphone 7. No i didn't mention every great game out there, it's just my personal opinions games. I've tried games that i love playing but i hope you enjoyed it.

7 Best iPhone Apps and Games for iPhone 7

So you just got your fancy new iphone 7 and it's gorgeous, it's a beautiful. Smartphone with a ton of interesting features, and we're going to show you 7 apps and games that will take full advantage of it.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #7: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Adobe, Lightroom Iphone 7 App
So number one is Adobe Lightroom and this is hands down one of the most sophisticated photo editing tools on the entire iOS. It works for beginners, because you got all your standard presets, and these are professionally made to make the photos just look impressive. But under the hood, we've got absolutely tons of tweets everything from exposure to clarity, to brightness, to adjusting the esco of the image. It's got a couple of interesting features as well. You can change the sense of depth in the photo, and you can also refocus your camera lens in terms of cropping and rotating. All of that stuff is also included pretty much everything you want to do on your phone. The app gets even better for iphone 7 users because it allows you to take raw photos. Photos that haven't been compressed and have even higher quality than the standard ones.

Best iPhone 7 Game #6: Blek

Blek for Best iPhone 7 Game
Blek, Iphone 7 Game
So the second one is a game called Blacklight. Kind of sounds really hard. In fact, it is really hard but its innovation at its finest and it's called. The objective is simple, all you have to do is to just hit each of the colored circles, but that's much easier said than done. Contrary to this charming art style, it's a furiously difficult game as you progress through. More mobsters will come your way and you've got to avoid all of them. When you start the game, it doesn't really explain anything and the way the line moves can seem unpredictable. But the more you get into it, the more you start to understand how it works and just when you thought you've mastered it, it gets even harder. And if it wasn't complicated enough you use the 3d touch on the iphone 7 to make the ink thicker or thinner and that's crucial to success. There's a ton of challenges to keep you going and it's just a great game all around.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #5: Star Guide

Star Guide for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Star Guide Iphone 7 App
Number three is Star Guide. This is a bit of an odd one because I can bet my bottom dollar, that ninety percent of you don't give two monkeys about starts right now. But after downloading this app you might just start to care, it's beautifully presented. You scroll around this slick representation of the universe looking at star constellations, and this is fact so you do actually start to learn about how they work and how they form constellations. On top of that it's a musical experience. Tapping on the Stars creates sounds based on how large they are and yet again, it's even better on the iphone 7. Now thanks to force search. Pressing down on the screen just that little bit hard. Opens up the lens and you can toggle through gamma rays, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray and so much more.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #4: The Roll

The Roll for Best iPhone 7 Apps
The Roll, Iphone 7 App
Number four is The Roll, and this takes full advantage of series. New and improved integration with the party apps. I'll explain a bit later. Essentially, it's a smarter version of a camera roll. The first time you boot up, it will automatically saw your photos into ones are related to each other ones are taken in the same place and even once that have the same people in them. You can understand what in the photos. For example, you could search for a hand, or a leaf, or a certain color, or a certain time stamp and even integrates with Siri. So as an example, you can ask Siri to show you photos which have breasts in them.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #3: Google Motion Stills

Google Motion Stills for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Google Motion Stills, Iphone 7 App
Next up is Google Motion Stills. You might know that with the new iphone 7, you cannot take life photos which instead of capturing a single frame, takes a small segment of time with google motion stills. You cannot fully manipulate them. It has inbuilt stabilization. You can add text and you can thread them together to create a little movie which can expose a video file or a give.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #2: Enlight

Enlight for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Enlight, Iphone 7 App
So I've kind of been saving the best for last, this is Enlight. And after using this, actually find it difficult to use any other editor on iOS. It's got the depth of a program like lightroom but at the same time, also personality. Now it sounds like a bit of a weird thing to say, but one thing that kept popping into my head while I was using it, is the quality of the filters. You can just tell when you apply some of these effects that so much work has gone behind them. They look very realistic and can with one press totally transform your image aside from that. It's a pretty standard photo editor. You've got some unusual brush types, and also all the other fine-tuning you'd expect.

Best iPhone 7 Games #1: Breakneck 

Breakneck Best iPhone 7 Games
Breakneck, Iphone 7 Game
So, as I was saying earlier, saving the best to last, this is Breakneck and it's a fast furious racing game. Now while it may not sound exciting, you're essentially racing against yourself and some unknown unseen enemy that's trying to kill you. It's an awesome game. The idea is simple, you're escaping from an enemy and to get as far away as possible. You've got a boost, but charge the boost you've got an edge against walls which is dangerous doing. So ends your money which you can use to buy power-ups by new skins for your vehicle. And then, you can also compete online in competitions. So this is also a 3d touch game pressing. Harder on one side of the phone will make the shifter and faster, but can we just take a second to look at the graphics of this game, it is glorious. So just before we wrap this video up, a quick tip, most you will have heard over the app quarters am which is used to find out what music is playing in the background.

So guys, those were 7 apps and games that you just need to download on the iphone 7 and they made better either because of its features, its software, or its performance.

7 Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata

Sobat 7twister, permasalahan perut yang paling menyebalkan adalah ketika kita bercermin dan melihat perut nggak rata. Mau pakai baju apa pun jadi nggak percaya diri. Perut nggak rata biasanya dikarenakan menaruh lemak terlalu banyak, akhirnya orang-orang melakukan diet ketat, padahal bukan itu satu-satunya solusi. Perut nggak rata gampang banget untuk diatasi, selain menghindari tidur setelah makan, Sobat Twister harus melakukan gerakan-gerakan sederhana ini yang bisa dilakukan kapan saja. 

7. Plank Punch 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Plank Punch Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Gerakan ini efektif untuk melatih otot bagian depan, punggung, paha, dan kekuatan otot lengan. Sobat Twister bisa dapat banyak manfaat dalam sekali gerakan. Untuk melakukan gerakan ini, Sobat Twister harus menyiapkan diri seperti posisi push up, memang gerakannya nggak beda jauh dari gerakan push up. Lalu alihkan beban tubuh bertumpu kedua tangan, angkat tangan kanan lurus ke depan dengan posisi tangan mengepal. Setelah itu turunkan tangan pada posisi semula, ulangi gerakan tersebut menggunakan tangan kiri. Untuk hasil yang baik, ulangi gerakan tersebut hingga 10-15 kali 

6. Hip Thurst 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Hip Thurst Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Meratakan perut bukan hanya bagian depannya saja, tapi kamu harus memerhatikan bagian samping dan bawahnya. Gerakan hip thurst ini dapat mengecilkan otot perut bagian bawah. Coba, deh, kamu ambil posisi tidur telentang, kemudian kedua tangan diletakkan di samping badan. Setelah itu, angkat kaki ke atas dan tahan dalam posisi seperti itu. Sebisa mungkin, kedua kaki diangkat tinggi. Ulangi gerakan tersebut sembari mengatur pernapasan, saat kaki turun tarik napas, dan saat kaki naik, embuskan napas. 

5. Pose Tadasana 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Tadasana Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Pose yang termasuk dalam gerakan yoga ini berfungsi menguatkan otot perut dan memperlancar peredaran darah. Cara melakukannya adalah dengan berdiri tegak di atas matras, letakkan tangan di samping badan. Kemudian berjinjit dan tarik kedua tanganmu sambil mengatur pernapasan. Tahan selama beberapa detik, lalu kembali menapak di atas matras dan menghela napas. Gerakan ini cukup sederhana, bukan? Berguna untuk melancarkan sirkulasi darah dan mengencangkan otot-otot perutmu. 

4. Padahastasana 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Padahastasana Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Padahastasana merupakan bagian gerakan yoga. Ibu-ibu yang ikut kelas yoga pasti tahu gerakan ini. Tapi, sekarag, Sobat Twister yang nggak ikut kelas yoga pun akan tahu gimana cara melakukan gerakan ini. Gerakan ini berguna untuk menghantarkan oksigen ke otak dan melenturkan otot perut yang kaku. Jadi secara langsung bisa membakar lemak-lemak di dalam perutmu. Caranya cukup mudah, hanya dengan berdiri tegak, lalu angkat tangamu ke atas sembari menarik napas. Setelah itu, sentuh telapak kakimu dengan tangan dan embuskan napas secara tenang. Ulangi gerakan tersebut sebanyak 5-10 kali. 

3. Pavanamuktasana 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Pavanamuktasana Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Sobat Twister, tolong jangan baca nama gerakan ini kalau kamu nggak mau bingung. Langsung saja praktikkan gimana cara melakukan gerakan ini. Namanya memang rumit, tapi gerakannya sederhana banget, kok. Caranya, rebahkan tubuhmu dan luruskan kedua kakimu. Lalu sembari mengambil napas, angkat sedikit wajahmu dan kaki kananmu. Setelah itu, ciumlah lutut kaki kananmu, tapi punggungmu harus tetap rata, ya. Nah, tahan posisi seperti itu hingga beberapa detik, lalu ulangi lagi. Mudah, kan? Saking mudahnya, kamu bisa melakukan gerakan itu sebelum dan setelah bangun tidur. Kalau dilakukan secara rutin, yakinlah perutmu akan merata. 

2. Naukasana 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Naukasana Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Gerakan Naukasana nggak beda jauh sama gerakan sebelumnya. Sobat Twister bisa melakukan gearakan ini di kasurmu sebelum tidur maupun setelah bangun tidur. Cara melakukannya, pertama kamu ambil posisi berbaring dan rapatkan kaki dan tangamu dalam sikap sempurna. Kemudian, angkat lengan, kepala, dan bahumu secara bersamaan sembari menarik napas. Nah, pastikan beban tubuh bertumpu di bagian pusar, tahan selama 30-60 detik dan ulangi gerakan tersebut hingga 5-10 kali. Gerakan ini dapat membuat perut lebih kencang, dan pastinya membakar seluruh lemak yang menumpuk. 

1. Uttanpadasana 

Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Uttanpadasana Gerakan Sederhana Supaya Perut Rata
Selain mengurangi lemak, dengan gerakan ini kamu bisa membuat kakimu lebih jenjang. Senang kan, kalau sekali latihan dua keuntungan langsung didapatkan. Nggak ada cara yang susah kecuali kamu nggak melakukannya. Gerakan ini cukup dengan berbaring di kasur atau matras, posisikan dirimu sesempurna mungkin, yaitu dengan kaki lurus dan tangan di samping badan. Secara perlahan angkat kakimu hingga 40 derajat, atau setengah menggantung dengan posisi tegak lurus. Tapi, dalam posisi ini, punggungmu harus tetap rata, ya! Tahan posisi itu hingga 60 detik kemudian turunkan kaki dengan perlahan. Ulangi gerakan tersebut pada kaki sebelah kanan dan kiri sebanyak 5-10 kali. Ini salah satu gerakan mudah tapi bermafaat banget untuk mengencangkan otot kaki dan perut. 

Sobat Twister, sekarang kalian nggak perlu resah dan kesal karena perut nggak rata, nggak percaya diri pakai pakaian lama gara-gara nggak muat lagi. Cobalah kegiatan-kegiatan di atas, yang penting selalu dilakukan. Yap! Asal ada kemauan, semua akan terasa mudah. Selamat mencoba!

Inilah 7 Alasan Kenapa Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin

Jurusan sastra memang tidak laku-laku amat. Dibandingkan dengan kedokteran atau teknik, mungkin tidak ada separuhnya. Banyak orang berpikir kalau kita yang mengambil jurusan sastra itu terpaksa, seperti tidak ada pilihan lain saja.

Kalian yang anak sastra pasti sadar kalau anggapan yang seperti itu memang ada di tengah-tengah masyarakat kita. Well, kalau masalah kesempatan pekerjaan, jurusan lain boleh berbangga, tetapi kalau masalah membuat anak orang bahagia, tetap anak sastra yang paling bisa. Kok bisa?

7. Anak Sastra Itu Mantap dengan Pilihannya

anak sastra jadi suami yang ngangenin
anak sastra mantap dengan pilihannya
Masa peralihan dari SMA ke jenjang perkuliahan itu memang bikin galau. Salah satunya adalah tentang pemilihan jurusan kuliah. Banyak dari mereka yang awalnya merasa beruntung memilih jurusan tertentu karena didasarkan pada kesempatan memperoleh kerja, tetapi setelah melewati dua semester berpikir kalau mereka salah jurusan. Yang begini kan repot.

Nah, kalau anak sastra itu beda. Mereka yang sudah masuk di jurusan sastra adalah pribadi yang benar-benar mantap dengan pilihannya. Dari awal mereka sadar jika kuliah bukan hanya soal peluang kerja, tetapi juga harus didasari dengan rasa suka dan cinta terhadap bidang yang dipelajari, sehingga dalam prosesnya bisa lebih enjoy dan nggak makan hati. 

Tuh coba lihat, memilih jurusan kuliah saja mereka pakai hati, apalagi memilih kamu sebagai calon istrinya.

6. Anak Sastra itu Woles

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
anak sastra menjalani hidup woles bin santai
Sepatu buluk, jeans compang-camping, kaos oblong, motor butut, sepeda ontel tua, hal yang bakal kamu temukan semuanya di jurusan sastra. Kurang woles gimana coba kita? Untuk urusan penampilan anak sastra memang lebih santai dan terkesan “apa saja deh, yang penting aurat tertutup.”

Hal yang demikian tidak berhenti sampai penampilan, tetapi juga perasaan dan cara berpikir. Mereka merupakan pribadi yang tidak seenaknya sendiri. Merupakan pribadi yang bertanggung jawab dan penuh perhitungan namun tetap santai. Sikapnya ditempa dari buku-buku sastra yang tidak hanya indah dari segi bahasa, namun juga kaya akan pelajaran hidup. 

5. Mereka Bahagia Menjadi Dirinya Sendiri dan Tak Peduli Anggapan Orang Lain

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
anak sastra itu unik
Pakai kacamata gede, dibilang cupu. Duduk sendirian baca buku, dibilang introvert dan membosankan. Ahh... berbagai label tersebut sudah sering mereka dapatkan. Tetapi coba lihat, tidak pernah sedikit pun mereka marah atau bahkan berdebat soal label tersebut. Karena mereka bahagia dengan dunianya, menjadi diri sendiri dan tidak terlalu peduli dengan anggapan negatif orang lain. 

Yang seperti ini nih yang diperlukan dalam dunia asmara. Tidak peduli dengan anggapan orang lain terhadap pasangan dan hubungan kalian yang bersifat merusak, karena anak sastra tahu jika diri dan hatinya sendirilah yang pantas untuk didengar dan dipercaya. 

4. Anak Sastra Itu Perasa dan Peduli

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
anak sastra baperan
Dalam hubungan asmara selalu penuh dengan kode dan maksud yang tidak jelas. Namun, kalau pasangan kalian adalah anak sastra, yang seperti ini mah urusan gampang. 

Mereka yang kuliah di sastra sudah terbiasa menerjemahkan maksud dari puisi yang jika dinalar, susahnya minta ampun. Berpuluh-puluh paragraf tidak akan dimengerti jika dibaca seadanya. Nah, kebiasaan inilah yang mengantarkan mereka menjadi pribadi yang lebih perasa dan peka terhadap setiap maksud dari perkataanmu. 

3. Mereka adalah Pribadi yang Luwes dan Berpikiran Terbuka

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
anak sastra open minded
Karena sastra bukan ilmu pasti, seperti matematika atau fisika yang selalu mengatakan jika 1+1 selalu berakhir dengan dua. Yang seperti ini tidak ada dalam sastra. Jurusan sastra tidak mengenal rumus-rumus yang bersifat saklek. 

Hal inilah yang menjadikan anak sastra sebagai pribadi yang tidak kaku dan luwes. Mereka mampu menerima setiap pendapatmu tentang apa pun. Anak sastra itu kalau punya masalah diselesaikan dengan tenang dan nggak pernah pakai drama. Meskipun kita dapat mata kuliah drama, tetapi jika berselisih mereka mau mendengar penjelasan-penjelasan lawan bicaranya. Mereka tidak akan memaksakan kehendaknya, apalagi jika itu salah. 

2. Anak Sastra Adalah Pribadi yang Kreatif dan Romantis

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
anak sastra suka hal hal yang romantis
Kalau urusan bikin kalimat indah, jangan tanya siapa jawaranya, anak sastralah yang bisa diandalkan. Anak sastra itu sudah overdosed dengan banyak buku bacaan, apalagi novel. 

Makanya jangan heran jika banyak dari mereka yang memiliki suami atau istri anak sastra selalu bersemangat di hari ulang tahunnya. Hal ini menandakan jika mereka penasaran dengan kejutan apa lagi yang akan diterima dirinya. Tak hanya kalimat indah, perlakuan romantis ala novel fiksi yang sulit jadi kenyataan, juga bisa jadi salah satunya. 

Mereka itu kreatif, jangan khawatir deh. 

1. Ilmu Sastra Itu Luas

Anak Sastra Bisa Jadi Suami yang Ngangenin
dunia sastra itu bukan sebatas yang ada di buku mata kuliah
Ilmu sastra itu luas, tidak terpaku hanya pada belajar bahasa. Pernah baca novel karangan Dee Lestari? Banyak orang yang menganggap novel-novelnya itu sulit dicerna karena di samping bahasanya yang tinggi, juga bahasan di dalamnya yang tidak melulu soal cinta, tetapi fisika, biologi dan banyak disiplin ilmu lain. Gak percaya? Coba deh baca yang “Partikel”, dijamin geleng-geleng kepala. 

Dengan beragamnya jenis bacaan dan topik yang anak sastra dapatkan, mereka dapat dengan mudah menciptakan topik pembicaraan yang tiada habisnya. Wawasannya yang luas membantunya menemukan hal kecil di sekitar tapi layak untuk diperbincangkan. Dengannya, kamu tidak akan pernah kehabisan cerita. 

Gimana? Suamiable dan ngangenin banget kan mereka?

7 Games Nintendo Legendaris Era 90an

Hidup adalah permainan, begitu kata suatu ungkapan. Dan kebetulan ada sejumlah permainan yang memang mengisi hidup kita, terutama di kala kita masih kecil. Malah tak cuma mewarnai masa depan anda, bahkan ada yang berhasil mencatatkan namanya di buku catatan rekor dunia karena koleksi games nya.

Salah satu konsol game yang terkenal adalah Nintendo. Konsol game Nintendo ini sendiri ternyata memiliki banyak permainan yang membawa kembali kenangan masa kecil anda. Game NES apa sajakah yang membawa kenangan masa kecil anda? Simak ulasan 7twist berikut.

7. Contra

permainan Contra sebagai game action yang terkenal ketika masa kecil
Contra adalah sebuah games yang membawa kenangan banyak anak kecil di era 1990an. Permainan ini bisa dimainkan sendirian, tapi akan lebih seru dimainkan bersama-sama teman. Ada dua tokoh pria kekar yang bisa kamu mainkan di games Contra ini.

Storyline dari games ini adalah misi pembasmian organisasi jahat bernama Red Falcon. Dua orang jagoan komando, Bill Razer dan Lance Bean, diutus ke kepulauan Galuga untuk membasmi organisasi ini. Mereka adalah bagian dari grup elit Contra yang punya spesialisasi dalam perang gerilya. Belakangan diketahui bahwa organisasi ini diatur oleh alien yang ingin menguasai dunia.

Permainan ini pertama kali di rilis dalam bentuk Arcade dan kemudian dikembangkan ke dalam bentuk NES. Games ini rilis dalam bentuk NES di tahun 1988 di bawah bendera Konami. Dalam permainan ini, kamu mungkin tidak mengenal jagoan Contra dengan nama Bill atau Lance. Alih-alih kamu mengenalnya sebagai tentara komando bercelana biru atau merah. Versi Contra NES yang pertama kali terbit memiliki sedikit perbedaan storyline dengan yang di rilis di Amerika Utara. Tapi esensi dari ini tidak berubah.. Lari, lompat, tembak.

6. Megaman

Megaman sebagai game action legendaris NES
Megaman, atau dikenal juga dengan Rockman merupakan salah satu games yang legendaris yang pernah anda mainkan di waktu kecil. Capcom mengembangkan dan merilis game action ini tahun 1987 dengan platform asli adalah Nintendo Enterntainment System (NES).

Sama seperti Contra, cara bermain di game ini adalah lari, lompat, dan tembak. Jika Contra menawarkan variasi dari jenis tembakan, maka Megaman menawarkan variasi jenis serangan setelah anda mengalahkan sejumlah bos. Megaman juga memiliki alur cerita, plot, dan karakter yang menarik. Meskipun Megaman telah dirilis berulang kali di berbagai jenis konsol, alur cerita, plot dan karakter tokohnya tetap konsisten dan sama.

Megaman bercerita tentang seorang manusia robot bernama Rock. Rock diciptakan oleh Dr. Light untuk menyelamatkan dunia dari ancaman robot-robot Dr. Wily. Kisah Megaman memiliki sekuel Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Legends 2, yang berkisah masih tentang penyelamatan dunia dari serangan robot-robot buatan ilmuwan jahat. Moral of the story, jika kamu ingin membuat game yang mengalahkan ketenaran Megaman, buatlah game berjudul Gigaman, atau Teraman.

5. Donkey Kong

game donkey kong sebagai game legendaris masa kecil
Siapa yang tidak mengenal Donkey Kong, sesosok karakter gorilla yang beraksi di hutan tempat tinggalnya. Karakter ini begitu terkenal sampai-sampai banyak orang tua sekalipun mampu mengenali sosok Donkey Kong ini.

Ternyata, Donkey Kong ini pertama kali muncul sebagai karakter antagonis. Pada tahun 1981, ia muncul dalam sebuah mainan arcade sebagai lawan dari Jumpman (kemudian disebut Mario). Shigeru Miyamoto kemudian menjadikan tokoh Donkey Kong ini sebagai protagonis dengan musuhnya si buaya bernama King K Rool. Donkey Kong Jr. menjadi sekuel dari seri Donkey Kong yang pertama. Tidak hanya muncul di game ny sendiri, Donkey Kong juga sering muncul menjadi karakter tambahan di banyak game lain, misalnya seperti Mario Cart.

4. Street Fighter

game Street Fighter sebagai game legendaris masa muda
Yang hobi games berantem, pasti kenal dengan Street Fighter. Meskipun games ini dirilis tahun 1987, namun game Street Fighter ini selalu teringat sebagai salah satu game fighting terbaik yang pernah ada. Saking terkenalnya, anak-anak kecil era 1990an sering meniru gerakan Ryu sambil berteriak “Abuugeet”, sebuah salah tangkap dari seharusnya teriakan “Shoryuken”.

Games besutan Capcom ini begitu terkenal di seluruh penjuru dunia, termasuk Indonesia. Selain diangkat dalam bentuk game, Street Fighter ini juga dibuat ke dalam bentuk lain seperti layar lebar, mini seri, animasi, manga, serta juga komik.

Siapakah jagoan street fighter andalan anda? Pukulan dan Tendangan Ryu? Jurus-jurusnya Ken? Jurus mautnya Chun Li? Pukulan panjangnya Dhalsim? Atau sengatannya Blanka.

3. Final Fantasy

game Final Fantasy sebagai permainan NES legendaris
Para penggemar game genre Role Playing Game atau RPG wajib kudu tau game evergreen yang satu ini, Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy pernah mencetak rekor berupa penjualan sebanyak 110 juta kopi. Game besutan Square Enix ini bahkan memegang rekor 7 Guinness World Record dalam edisi game di tahun 2008.

Final Fantasy yang kini tampil dengan grafik ciamik ternyata dimulai dari game dengan grafik sederhana. Jadi yang membuat game Final Fantasy begitu spesial di awal rilis adalah plot cerita dan gameplaynya yang bagus.

Final Fantasy bercerita tentang petualangan empat kesatria cahaya yang ditugaskan untuk mengembalikan kekuatan empat kristal. Empat kristal ini adalah penopang dunia. Yang menjadi ciri khas dari seluruh seri games Final Fantasy (dan kebanyakan games RPG lainnya) adalah job role dari karakternya. Job role yang bisa dimainkan diantaranya adalah Warrior, Thief, Monk, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage. Karakter dengan ciri serupa kemudian terus bermunculan dan berkembang di banyak seri Final Fantasy lainnya.

2. Super Mario Bros

game Super Mario Bros sebagai game legendaris masa kecil
Mario dan saudaranya Luigi, adalah salah satu ikon dari Nintendo yang sangat mendunia. Tokoh yang dicitrakan di serial televisi sebagai keturunan Italia ini diciptakan Shigeru Miyamoto.

Diceritakan bahwa Mario, bersama saudaranya Luigi dikenal berkelana di Kerjaan Jamur. Mario kemudian memiliki tujuan menyelamatkan Tuan Puteri Peach yang diculik oleh Bowser, tokoh antagonis dalam game ini. Sebelum dikenal di NES, Mario diperkenalkan di game arcade dengan nama game Jumpman. Di seri Super Mario Bros, keahlian Mario masih sama seperti di seri arcade yaitu melompat. Namun di seri Mario Bros ini bisa menjadi besar dengan mengkonsumsi jamur. Bahkan Mario bisa mengeluarkan serangan api ketika dalam kondisi Super Mario.

Siapa jagoanmu dalam games Super Mario Bros ini? Mario atau Luigi? Jika Luigi, jangan-jangan kamu anak kedua ya.

Bagi kamu yang ingin nostalgia dan menemui kesulitan dalam menyelesaikan game Super Mario Bros, simak video tutorial berikut:

1. Legend Of Zelda

game Legend of Zelda sebagai permainan NES legendaris evergreen
Dan dalam list nomor satu kita sebagai game NES paling legendaris yang pernah ada dan dimainkan adalah Legend Of Zelda. Bukan sembarangan, Legend Of Zelda menjadi permainan yang mendapatkan skor sempurna 40/40 dari para empat reviewer majalah Famitsu Jepang. Guiness Book of World Record bahkan mencatatkan salah satu seri game Legend Of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, sebagai permainan dengan skor tertinggi sepanjang masa, 99/100.

Tak banyak yang tahu bahwa ternyata inspirasi dari permainan Legend of Zelda berasal dari pengalaman Shigeru Miyamoto ketika masih kecil. Shigeru menghabiskan masa kecilnya di Sonobe. Di kampung halamannya, dia mengeksplorasi hutan, danau, gua, dan desa-desa yang masih ada. Pengalaman masa kecilnya sangat membekas dalam diri Shigeru. Salah satu momen yang sangat ia kenang adalah ketika ia menemukan sebuah gua di tengah hutan. Shigeru kemudian membawa lentera dan mengeksplorasi gua tersebut.

So gamers sekalian, jangan sekali-kali membuang kenangan petualangan masa kecilmu. Jangan-jangan berkat memori masa kecilmu, kamu bisa sesukses Shigeru Miyamoto. Siapa tahu…;)