7 Best iPhone Apps and Games for iPhone 7

So you just got your fancy new iphone 7 and it's gorgeous, it's a beautiful. Smartphone with a ton of interesting features, and we're going to show you 7 apps and games that will take full advantage of it.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #7: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Adobe, Lightroom Iphone 7 App
So number one is Adobe Lightroom and this is hands down one of the most sophisticated photo editing tools on the entire iOS. It works for beginners, because you got all your standard presets, and these are professionally made to make the photos just look impressive. But under the hood, we've got absolutely tons of tweets everything from exposure to clarity, to brightness, to adjusting the esco of the image. It's got a couple of interesting features as well. You can change the sense of depth in the photo, and you can also refocus your camera lens in terms of cropping and rotating. All of that stuff is also included pretty much everything you want to do on your phone. The app gets even better for iphone 7 users because it allows you to take raw photos. Photos that haven't been compressed and have even higher quality than the standard ones.

Best iPhone 7 Game #6: Blek

Blek for Best iPhone 7 Game
Blek, Iphone 7 Game
So the second one is a game called Blacklight. Kind of sounds really hard. In fact, it is really hard but its innovation at its finest and it's called. The objective is simple, all you have to do is to just hit each of the colored circles, but that's much easier said than done. Contrary to this charming art style, it's a furiously difficult game as you progress through. More mobsters will come your way and you've got to avoid all of them. When you start the game, it doesn't really explain anything and the way the line moves can seem unpredictable. But the more you get into it, the more you start to understand how it works and just when you thought you've mastered it, it gets even harder. And if it wasn't complicated enough you use the 3d touch on the iphone 7 to make the ink thicker or thinner and that's crucial to success. There's a ton of challenges to keep you going and it's just a great game all around.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #5: Star Guide

Star Guide for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Star Guide Iphone 7 App
Number three is Star Guide. This is a bit of an odd one because I can bet my bottom dollar, that ninety percent of you don't give two monkeys about starts right now. But after downloading this app you might just start to care, it's beautifully presented. You scroll around this slick representation of the universe looking at star constellations, and this is fact so you do actually start to learn about how they work and how they form constellations. On top of that it's a musical experience. Tapping on the Stars creates sounds based on how large they are and yet again, it's even better on the iphone 7. Now thanks to force search. Pressing down on the screen just that little bit hard. Opens up the lens and you can toggle through gamma rays, visible light, ultraviolet, x-ray and so much more.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #4: The Roll

The Roll for Best iPhone 7 Apps
The Roll, Iphone 7 App
Number four is The Roll, and this takes full advantage of series. New and improved integration with the party apps. I'll explain a bit later. Essentially, it's a smarter version of a camera roll. The first time you boot up, it will automatically saw your photos into ones are related to each other ones are taken in the same place and even once that have the same people in them. You can understand what in the photos. For example, you could search for a hand, or a leaf, or a certain color, or a certain time stamp and even integrates with Siri. So as an example, you can ask Siri to show you photos which have breasts in them.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #3: Google Motion Stills

Google Motion Stills for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Google Motion Stills, Iphone 7 App
Next up is Google Motion Stills. You might know that with the new iphone 7, you cannot take life photos which instead of capturing a single frame, takes a small segment of time with google motion stills. You cannot fully manipulate them. It has inbuilt stabilization. You can add text and you can thread them together to create a little movie which can expose a video file or a give.

Best iPhone 7 Apps #2: Enlight

Enlight for Best iPhone 7 Apps
Enlight, Iphone 7 App
So I've kind of been saving the best for last, this is Enlight. And after using this, actually find it difficult to use any other editor on iOS. It's got the depth of a program like lightroom but at the same time, also personality. Now it sounds like a bit of a weird thing to say, but one thing that kept popping into my head while I was using it, is the quality of the filters. You can just tell when you apply some of these effects that so much work has gone behind them. They look very realistic and can with one press totally transform your image aside from that. It's a pretty standard photo editor. You've got some unusual brush types, and also all the other fine-tuning you'd expect.

Best iPhone 7 Games #1: Breakneck

Breakneck Best iPhone 7 Games
Breakneck, Iphone 7 Game
So, as I was saying earlier, saving the best to last, this is Breakneck and it's a fast furious racing game. Now while it may not sound exciting, you're essentially racing against yourself and some unknown unseen enemy that's trying to kill you. It's an awesome game. The idea is simple, you're escaping from an enemy and to get as far away as possible. You've got a boost, but charge the boost you've got an edge against walls which is dangerous doing. So ends your money which you can use to buy power-ups by new skins for your vehicle. And then, you can also compete online in competitions. So this is also a 3d touch game pressing. Harder on one side of the phone will make the shifter and faster, but can we just take a second to look at the graphics of this game, it is glorious. So just before we wrap this video up, a quick tip, most you will have heard over the app quarters am which is used to find out what music is playing in the background.

So guys, those were 7 apps and games that you just need to download on the iphone 7 and they made better either because of its features, its software, or its performance.

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