Top 7 Best Games for iPhone 7

So guys the iphone 7 has finally arrived and it's an absolute gaming monster with a quad-core processor core GPU plus 2 gigabytes of ram. Let's see what this thing can do, and here's Top 7 Best Games for iPhone 7.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #7: Submerged
Submerged Top Games for iPhone 7
Submerged on iphone 7

So the first game is Submerged. They've taken an entire PC game playable on two-thousand-dollar gaming rigs and scaled it down to an iphone. There are some sacrifices but this could just be the best looking game ever on a mobile. It is beautiful. It's got in the same draw distances beautiful water physics, the reflections, you can see the Sun setting in the background, it's like moving postcard. Submerged is an adventure game, it's all about finding secrets creatures landmarks and has a slower pace than a lot of these sort of action games that are released nowadays. But it's great fun.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #6: Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade III Top Games for iPhone 7
Infinity Blade III on iphone 7

Number two we've got Infinity Blade III. Not the most recent game but there's no better place to enjoy this then on the latest and greatest iphone. The game still has the same graphics but in very silky smooth 60 frames per second. So this is an RPG, it's a very deep RPG actually. There is so much going on here. It'll take you ages to complete the game and mechanics are top-notch. This is the OG infinity blade basically created the dodgers genre, and it's since been refined and perfected.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #5: Assassin's Creed - Identity
Assassin's Creed - Identity Top Games for iPhone 7
Assassin's Creed - Identity on iphone 7

So then we have a game that this list would not be complete without Assassin's Creed: Identity. Now over the last five years developers have been constantly trying to making an Assassin's Creed game work on mobile, and they kind of pulled it off here and there, but never has felt this close to the console versions. With the power of the iphone 7, you can actually explore full dynamic open worlds and it feels great.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #4: OZ Broken Kingdom
OZ Broken Kingdom Top Games for iPhone 7
OZ Broken Kingdom on iphone 7

Number five is always OZ Broken Kingdom. Yep, that means the wizard of OZ. The company's taken characters from the popular TV show, fuse them with final fantasy style, turn-based mechanics and shoved in a whole lot of eye candy. The game looks and feels beautiful. It runs smoothly and colors pop out the screen and the RPG elements are strong. There's a ton of spell things to unlock and secrets to solve, and the world map is just gigantic. Further into the game, the grind gets quite tricky, but you just can't get an iphone 7 and not try it. This is a true showcase of what it's capable of.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #3: Need For Speed
Need For Speed Top Games for iPhone 7

So then we have Need For Speed. I mean, we need some racing games on this list and this is as good as you can get. Needforspeed combines great car mechanics with a visual feast. With a career mode, that works really well, there's a nice rate of progression and constantly feels that you're working towards something.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #2: Sky Forces
Sky Forces Top Games for iPhone 7
Sky Force Reloaded on iphone 7

Release back in 2014, Sky Forces remained the kind of staple go to top down shooter on the iphone. It's beautiful. The water effects are just something else. The level of progression is great. You're constantly unlocking things for your ship as lasers, new armies, shields, and the so much variety when it comes to enemies as well as some pretty decent boss fights.

Best Games for iPhone 7 #1: Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 Top Games for iPhone
Real Racing 3 on iphone 7

Next up Real Racing 3. Now yes and all title but it's never looked better playing this game on the iphone 7. Just made me smile because it's just so slick. Everything looks clean, everything run smooth, and those reflections on the cars don't even get me started. There's tons to unlock with the game. It's a little bit heavy on sort of encouraging you to buy stuff, let's say the guys those are my top games on the iphone 7. No i didn't mention every great game out there, it's just my personal opinions games. I've tried games that i love playing but i hope you enjoyed it.

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